We met with Michael and Jennifer of Klaudstag and immediately knew this was going to be an amazing journey of a project. Having recently moved to Minneapolis from LA to start their e-liquid brand, we immediately fell down the conversation rabbit hole of lifestyle branding. 

Their vision for Klaudstag was to create something more than "just" a e-liquid but rather start a revolution. With brand phrases like "Know Thyself" and "Born Kings" already embedded into the story, we couldn't pass up the chance to bring this into reality. Looking to cultural icons of the past like Jack Kerouac and Charles Bukowski, we set out on the exploration that inevitably taught us a few things about ourselves (as well as the intricacies of package design). 

Starting with branding. We then forged into label and package design, a 2.5 day brand photo shoot in the Badlands of South Dakota, a lookbook design, and collateral from letterhead to tshirt to 5 panel hats. 

It has been such an amazing process and project: to take something that exists only in the imagination of one person, birth it into the world, let it begin to tell you what it is and shepherd it into a beautiful space. 

Here are a few inspirations and behind-the-scenes photos from our epic trip to SD.

See the final lookbook, packaging and photoshoot.