This is brick mould. It is something that I didn’t even know existed one year ago. But now we are good friends. After months of removing old window sills, doing rot repair (not me, but a very skilled crew), selecting a historic knife to cut new brick mold in a profile that is from the era of the building, trying to find the perfect historic yet modern shade of pink, the crew is finally ready to start installing these beauties. 

Something we have learned in the renovation process is how much seemingly *invisible* work has to take place to get to a point where something shows up. It’s really weird to work so hard on something and have nothing to *show* for it. 

Maybe this is the part where I try to draw some metaphor about delayed gratification and character development but I’ll save that for my journal. 

Instead, just send lots of good cheerleading vibes as we start evolving the exterior of our beloved building and it spends the next few weeks in limbo of half deserty-pink-brown and half tyrannosaurus-rex-green.