maison bodega

Twenty-seventeen is shaping up to be an adventure with the purchase of this nearly hundred year old building in May. The renovation will require new systems (as in: all new electrical, HVAC and most plumbing); as well as *some* cosmetic upgrades. Depending on the day, we fluctuate between "It's really just adding a kitchen and a bathroom" optimism and "Holy crap, this is going to take forever" reality. The goal is to live somewhere in the happy middle, but if you're ever wondering why you haven't heard from us in a few weeks, assume we've been buried in demolition or sheer overwhelm. :)

MaisonBodega Ballroom.JPG

There are many distinctive features of this space but several of our favorites are the "ballroom" that was stripped of it's original fireplace before we purchased it. It has lovely woodwork and classical vibes. A built-in cabinet and an overlook to the stair that has been closed in are a few of the key details. The other is a curved marble staircase that winds from the front entrance up to the aforementioned ballroom. The windows in the building are double-hung nearly floor to ceiling stunners that will need a little TLC, but we kind of enjoy their Margiela-eque vibe. 

MaisonBodega Kitchen.JPG

Drop ceilings had been installed throughout the space and the remnants remain. Berber carpets, old tiles, woodprint linoleum and tar paper cover most surfaces. 

MaisonBodega Stair

Overall, the architecture has an interesting mix of Mediterranean meets Neo-Classical. In was built in 1919/1920 and could even be said to have light Bauhaus indications (which would be ok with us). First level windows have been replaced with glass-block which adds another layer of story which is really interesting and adds some diffused light.


Our beloved Agnes has taken a shine to the space as it promises to offer her *at least* 17 more perches than our current downtown loft, as well as a whole host of bunnies, squirrels and neighbor cats for her to keep an eye on. We're excited for her to have more space to be her energetic self and thank goodness the space matches with her color palette.

Maison Bodega upstairsbedroom.JPG

Upstairs, there are nice wood floors but the ceilings and lighting might need a little TLC >insert grimace emoji<. Existing bathrooms have cool tile work and tubs, but sinks and toilets were replaced in what seems to be the '80s so are nothing special to see. 


As we get into working with our architect, we'll see what actually needs to be replaced, what we can save (hopefully ALOT!) and what the next year or so is going to look like for us.