Toby Rapson Maison Bodega
MAISONBODEGA_RAPSON_kitchensketch (1).png

We have the amazing fortune to work with architect Toby Rapson. He's at the helm of Ralph Rapson Architects and Rapson Inc. (a MCM furniture brand). Ralph himself (Toby's father) came up during an amazing era, studying at Cranbrook under Eliel Saarinen, alongside Eames and Bertoia. He then taught at the Bauhaus School of Architecture, which aligns amazingly with the vision we have for our property. Toby is helping us form the slightly Spanish, slightly Scandinavian space into a classic rendering with nods to Bauhaus with rounded plaster staircases and curved rod railings. Beyond his amazing talent as an architect, we appreciate that he allows for true collaboration without ego. Refreshing and also allows the story of our space to rise to the surface.