Maison Martin Margiela Interview Script (1998)

What is colour?
An intensity, a temperature, a clash, a harmony.


How do you use it?
When it asks.

What is black?
An absence, a presence, a mood, a mantle.

What is red?
A blush, a flush, a fever, a command.

What is skin?
A protection.

What is fabric?
A Medium.

What is texture?
A result of time.

What is construction?
A means to an end.

What is function?
A reply to a need.

What is art?
A Need to reply.

What is craftsmanship?
A fruit of time.

What is clothing?
The final layer.

What is fashion?
A series of propositions.

What is recycling?
Another chance.

How does recycling fit into your work?
By Nature.

How does a concept develop at Maison Martin Margiela?
Time, a question, a reply.

How does a concept develop at Hermes?
Time, another question, another reply.

What would you like to develop? Besides Clothing?
An understanding.

What words do you live by?