Sometimes in life, you take a step forward, not knowing if it's the correct one. You move, feeling for the edges, trying to make sense of something that your gut is telling you. It's scary and expansive, all at once. People look at you like you're nuts (which we've learned to take as a compliment). 

Slowly, with each successful project, each day spent in the sketchbook, each meaningful conversation, it's starts to gel and you think "Hmm, maybe we aren't crazy".

That's what is happening to us.

An ethos of Bodega and it's work, has been about connection. Connecting the dots in the creative process, finding holistic solutions, getting the right people to sit at the table together. Synthesis. Constellation thinking. 

A dear client showed up to dinner with a clipping from T Magazine called "Hooked on a Feeling". It's about the notion of empathy marketing. All people are looking for is connection, mood, something that can't quite be articulated with words, but rather felt. 


"When everything is available all the time and we’re inundated with information in every way, shape and form, we’re left no choice but to favor what makes us feel."

Likening life, creative work and connection to the mood board; an "anodyne and gauzy experience where not everything has to look alike, but it must feel alike", there is a nod to the subtlety and sophistication to messaging on social networks.

The kindest thing about this story is that our client shared that he felt that is what we are doing for him; creating a feeling for his brand that he is proud of and people want to connect with. 

That is our goal. To create something that "hits" you, something that gives you the chills like we get when we look at listen to our favorite music, or browse through our favorite magazines. Feelings we've gathered along the way in travels and books and loneliness, heartbreak and elation.

The only thing that matters is what you make.