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bodega x ac hotels

Earlier this year, Liz had the chance to travel with our friends Boat Magazine to Miami to help launch the AC Hotel on Miami Beach. Joined by some really amazing creatives: Erin Spens (Editor of Boat Magazine), Grant Legan (Professional Jetsetter + Photographer), Sara Lindsey (Magical Human and Photographer) and Andrea Sisson (Filmmaker and Photographer), we set out to document a weekend of explorations of food, art, and culture.

It was amazing and magical and you can read the Boat Magazine blog post about it here. 

Last week, the AC Hotels blog shared their #unpacked feature that was created in tandem with an amazing creative team in Amsterdam. After several hours of great interview and conversation, this is what emerged.  It was such an awesome project to be a part of and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.