One of my favorite things about the #maisonbodega history is a lineage of powerful women. Despite it being built in 1920, when ladies in Minnesota were just getting the right to vote, all of the newspaper articles about this property cite a lady at the helm of the story. Mrs. Earl Raymond Woodward, the original owner, was a magazine editor and a leader of the Women's Christian Association; Mrs. Richardson D. Barrett was attributed with bringing a famous violinist from NYC to perform at #maisionbodega; as well as hosting readings of the newest Broadway play for 50 guests over tea. Most distinctly, this property was the home of Mrs. E.C. Jones, a famed restaurant entrepreneur who had restaurants in the Baker Arcade, Rand Tower, First National Bank, Northwestern National Life Insurance Co. and more. She also established the Cafeteria program for Minneapolis Public Schools. 

There are other fun write-ups about Greek themed parties, small weddings and other shindigs happening at this property and I can only hope that this continues when we are finished with renovations.