Summer is such a great time to do demo. Nothing like an 80 degree day and a facemask to make you feel really excited about your decisions in life. Thankfully, we have amazing family who aren't afraid of a little sweat and helped so much on the tedious and laborious task of demolition. 

A lot of people asked us why we wouldn't just hire out this portion as we spend our weekdays running Bodega Ltd. and now our weekends working on demo. We felt like it was vital to get to know the structure and understand it before we could design it. Our approach all along has been to "Think twice, demo once" and the same applies to the design -- let's not over-do it. 


Josef was a zen master and steamed and peeled tar paper off of the entire ballroom and kitchen floors over the course of a few months. Can't wait to see what a little Rubio Monocoat does to the look as we move into the refinishing phase.

Floors stripped.JPG